Malacca Heritage Hunt

Amateur Radio Direction Finding

Menara Taming Sari  September 26th, 2010 

Malacca Heritage Hunt 2010
September 26th 2010  by Musang

The Malacca Amateur Radio Community has done it again in hosting their annual Malacca ARDF Event.
They named it the " Malacca Heritage Hunt " as it takes the participants through the narrow winding streets of the Malacca Heritage section of the city, which is steeped with the nonya-baba cultures.

The starting point was placed near the Menara Taming Sari and some how there is always the 24 hours service of Mc Donalds fast food center from which the organisers and participants who arrived early, could purchase and have a hearty breakfast before the hunt.

( Mc Donalds had a hand in the arrangements ?? )

Most of the organisers were already at the scene as early as 6:30 am, making the necessary preparations to welcome the competitors who slowly came in groups from all over Malaysia. Teams from the Viva Club, Kumpulan V17 and individual hunters like veteran hunter Deen Atan coming all the way from Johor made up the eager hunting teams.

Five China made foxy beacons were howling on 144.500 MHz on 1 minute transmit and 4 minutes silent mode intervals could be easily picked up at the starting point.

But wait! The audio did not sound similar as the previous hunts!

Could the foxes be shouting in Chinese?

No! they were operating on mode A2A,
that's Amplitude Modulated Audio CW.

That's why they sound different when received on the handies which were mostly on FM mode.

Looks like the organisers are getting closer to meeting the International ARDF technical requirements.

The problem of using AM mode, creates a bigger challenge to the hunters as interferences from the ignition system of passing vehicles and motorbikes plus the neon lightings will be easily picked up by the hunters' receivers causing misleading signal strength readings.

The area of coverage was not too big, about 1 Kilometer distance only. St Paul's hill was the only highest obstacle in the path of the hunters. Hunters were sent out in 1 minute intervals, and soon they blended into the Sunday tourist crowds in the areas like the Malacca Clock Tower and St. Paul's church.

Pin-pointing the exact signal source of the beacons was a tedious task for the hunters with bounced signals reflecting off the heritage buildings and streaming through the narrow side lanes.

No flags were used in this hunt but instead the big Touch N Go boxes acts as the marker and recording devices.
From my observation, the location of the boxes meets my expected standards as a marker.
The distance of the fox beacons to their individual markers are also well placed.

The hunters ( by the way, comes in all different sizes and shape ) are now more matured.

No more usage of hand-phones or walkie-talkies to communicate amongst the hunters were observed by the marshals going around on bicycles.

That is a good progress in the Malaysian ARDF scene. Hope in future, we can have more or all hunters ditching their hunting partners and hunt as an individual. Not difficult-eh!

Time allocated for this hunt was 3 hours, and the hunters were flagged off intervals of 1 minute and were required to touch with assigned keycards at the specially made Touch and Go boxes to record the time of arrival at the different locations.
Soon the hot Malaysian weather took the toll and zapped the energy of the hunters. Maybe that is why many experienced hunters were making serious mistakes, like walking past the markers although finding the signals to be very strong at that location. Distractions from curious tourists asking questions was another factor.
The END beacon (144.800 MHz) assisted the hunters to locate the Finish point which was conveniently setup at the Hash House Hotel and Bar. Cool draught beer was definitely a welcome sight after the tedious hunt in hot Malacca sun.

Prize giving and other awards were conducted there. Congratulations to the 3 winners who were well rewarded for their efforts.

A great thanks to the organisers and helpers from Malacca Amateur Radio Community for the good job done.


Location Map

CallSign   Name Start MOE (1) MOI (2) MOS (3) MOH (4) MO5 (5) MO (6) Finish Run Time Fox
9W2FZS   Mohd Faizal 09:12:18       12:01:29 11:19:31 12:39:51 12:40:06 03:27:48 3
SWL   Shahrom Bin Idris 09:10:38     12:13:21 11:52:03   12:39:47  12:40:15 03:29:37 3
9W2IMZ   Muhammad Nurzaim 09:09:23     12:12:01 11:51:59   12:41:33 12:41:49 03:32:26 3
SWL   Iskandar Izzuddin 10:00:23       11:03:11   11:51:50 11:52:33 01:52:10 2
9W2ESM   Syamsul Bahri 09:18:10       11:32:42   12:28:16 12:28:26 03:10:16 2
9W2WF   Wan Mohd Fadzil 09:08:12       11:32:47   12:26:13 12:26:52 03:18:40 2
9M2PRO   Zanirul Akhmal 09:06:57       11:32:34   12:26:19 12:26:56 03:19:59 2
9M2DA   Deen Bin Atan 09:21:53   11:38:55       12:46:08 12:46:23 03:24:30 2
SWL   Kak Soon Keong 09:15:34     12:17:02     12:44:52 12:45:04 03:29:30 2
9W2YCL   Lee Yau Chiew 09:17:03           12:52:05 12:52:34 03:35:31 1
9W2GFA   Mohd Firdaus 09:13:53           12:52:20 12:52:47 03:38:54 1
Allocated run time: 3 hours, extended to 3.45 hours



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