Amateur Radio Orienteering

Radio Sport

 Selangor, on July 20th, 2008(Sunday)


: Lake Titiwangsa Park, Wilayah, Malaysia
   Time : 10:15 am ~ 12:45 pm
   Organised by : Selangor Amateurs ( MARTS Central )

  Total walking distance along the boundary - 2.7 Km

For The Day

Beacon Id.: MOE
Freq.: 144.500 Mhz
Output: 150 mW

9M2LR - Richard Lye

Beacon Id.:  MOI
Freq.: 144.500 Mhz
Output: 150 mW

9M2PX - David Yeoh

Beacon Id.: MOS
Freq.: 144.500 Mhz
Output: 150 mW

9M2WT - William Tan

Beacon Id.:  MOH
Freq.: 144.500 Mhz
Output: 150 mW

9M2LC - KC Lim

Beacon Id.: MO5
Freq.: 144.500 Mhz
Output: 150 mW

9M2CF - Chow

Start / End

9M2NCL - Andre


    Flag-off Time: 10:15 am
Place Team Name Members Callsign Duration Foxes Flag Tags
1. Wilayah V17
  1. Zulfadzi Ahmad
  2. Zanirul Akhmal Zanirun
  3. Abdul Mutallib Noordin
  4. Mohamad Fadzil Bin Omar
1 hr 05 m 5 MOE
2. Wilayah V17
  5. Hamdan Bin Hassan
  6. Tahir Bin Said
  7. Mohd Amrin Zapry Adham
  8. Amri Amdon
1 hr 10 m 5 NIL
3. ROG V33   9. Abdul Rahim bin Sabran
 10. Mohd Farid Hj Sudin
 11. Amiruddin Fansuri
 12. Harikrishna Batunipah
1 hr 17 m 5 NIL
4. Wilayah V17
 13. Ahmad Sabri Saad
 14. Ramam @ Abd Rahman Bin Noh
 15. Wan Mohd Fadzil B. Wan Ab Manaff
 16. Hishamuddin Bin Abdullah
1 hr 19 m 5 MO5
5. Novice
Fox Timers
 17. Azhar Abu Rais Al Noah
 18. Nor Azman Bin Shamsuddin
 19. Annuar Faisal Bin Yusuf
 20. Francis Seet Wai Meng
1 hr 45 m 5 MOS
6. MNKC  21. Adi Ashran Bin Mohd Salleh
 22. Mohd Izharudin Bin Amanudin
 23. Muhammad Akmal Bin Mansor
 24. Sazali Bin Zainol
2 hr 00 m 5 NIL
7. PARTS  25. Muhammad Nabil Bin Redzuan
 26. Azly Fariq Bin Ramly
 27. Arif Alhafiz Bin Mohd Nor Ariffin
 28. Nasrul Hadi Bin Harudin
2 hr 27 m 5 NIL
8. ROC  29. Syed Zaharudin Bin Syed Norrashid
 30. Mohamed Nabil Bin Hasbollah
 31. Fahroe Ibrahim
1 hr 29 m 4 NIL

Sunday, July 20th, 2008


   The fox team from Penang, arrived at the Lake Titiwangsa Park at about 1:00 pm on Saturday, July 19th to do a survey of the location for possible sites to set up the fox dens.

    Immediately, we scouted around for possible sites to set up our fox dens. It had to be locations where (we hope) the hunters would not likely to take that particular route.

   After spending close to three (3) hours, we decided to look for suitable accommodations nearby to rest our tired legs.

   Next we had to round up extra fox marshals as we were short-handed. Those fitting our description and having the suitable pre-requisites were, Chow - 9M2CF from Subang and William Tan - 9M2WT who came all the way from Malacca.

Three half-blind foxes from the North  

The night before - working out strategies
   Late that night, a quick kopi-oh session was held with the organisers to work out final strategies, where we assigned Andre - 9M2NCL to be the facilitator for the occasion.

   Most Selangor hams knows him, thus will not be able to disguise himself as a fox marshal.


We will make it an easy hunt!

The New Fox Beacons

   The new foxes "MOE, MOI, MOS MOH" and "MO5" that were released into the wild of Lake Titiwangsa park.

   The band of brothers were howling on 144.500 Mhz, with an RF output of 150 mW, and each taking their turns accordingly.

Deploying the Fox beacons

   Next day, after a quick breakfast at the mamak shop, we headed to the park and deployed the foxes in no particular numerical order.

   All the foxes were set with a 30 minutes delay timer, as such the 1st fox beacon (MOE) was heard howling right on the dot at 9:45 am. Big sigh of relief when I heard all the howls of the 5 fox beacons and none of them was out sync.

   Now, it's time for the marshals to blend into the rest of the visitors in the park whilst keeping a close watch over the fox beacons from a distance.

Beacon and turnstile antenna

Flag with prize tag - MO5

   Soon, one hunting team appeared over the hillock, followed by the others. Sniffing for the RF scent being released into the air at the pattern of 1 minute "ON" followed by a silent period of 4 minutes. At all times, the sweet RF scent will be sent out one of the foxes.

   Those who are first to locate the flags, claimed the flag prize tag. Those who were more efficient and arrived at the different flags, claimed their flag prize tags, to be exchanged for the actual prizes at the end of the game.

Best spot to hide the fox!

Soon it is over!

   Finally, all the foxes were bagged by the hunters.  In total, 8 teams consisting of 31 hunters, participated and managed to complete the hunt within the 2.5 hours allocated. Everyone including the spectators were very happy over this event which ended with a quick lunch at the site.

   Then, it was time for the fox team from Penang to depart and we were safely home by mid-night.

Congratulations to the Selangor hams for organising this wonderful hunt.


We found it!

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October 27th, 2014
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